Laura Berg regularly hosts exhibits for people of our community. One of the main aims of such exhibitions is to display her work to the audience so that her love for photography can be shared by everyone else. Over the years she has hosted a number of different exhibits all throughout the country which has been very popular amongst the locals. Moreover, some of her work has also acclaimed national-level recognition.

If you are excited to know about what all exhibits are coming in the year 2019, then here is a list that we have created for you. This list is regularly updated so make sure you check it out as much as possible.

June 2019

One of the first events to be organized for the year 2019 is in June. It will be held in the City Centre and will showcase some of her best work from 2018. Moreover, this exhibit will also allow you to own one of the masterpieces for your own collection. So make sure you attend it at least once.

August 2019

The next exhibit that has been scheduled for the year 2019 is in August. It will be held for three consecutive days from 10th August to 12th August. The exhibit will focus on a particular theme of pictures which have been captured by Laura for many years now. The venue of the exhibit will be added to the list later in the month.

November 2019

The last event that has been decided is during November of 2019. The event will be held in a few different cities as it will follow pop up gallery concept. Every weekend of November, the artist will travel to another city to showcase her work in full capacity. This exhibit will allow you to own some of the pieces captured by the artist for your own collection.